KATORI Original Oil Painting

KATORI Original Oil Painting

$2,000.00 — Sold out

"Katori" - Haro's first painting of which the subject has been created through A.I.
The painting measures 36x36" and is framed all around with 2" thick lumber.
The surface will be coated in clear, vacuumed resin. Ready to hang. Includes production number and Certificate of Authenticity.

'KATORI', meaning "Spirit" in Navajo symbolizes fleeting life within all of us. Just as most of HARO's paintings are about death and dying, KATORI is exactly that.

All who have come and gone and become forgotten; whose traditions have been passed down generations; whose love and sacrifices have become a vague memory - are all symbolized by KATORI.

In today's fast-paced world, we're only heading more and more toward the inevitable boundaries of oblivion. This painting is a reminder to tread lightly.

KATORI Original Oil Painting Image 2 KATORI Original Oil Painting Image 3
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